Mar 1, 2006

A lesson from my friend's burst pipe

A friend of mine at work was looking extremely disturbed and distressed today. I saw him a number of times in a corner of the office talking quietly on his cellphone.
I asked him if everything is ok. He tells me that everything is fine, but all of the sudden a lot of things have been happening. Not bad things, but a lot of them.

What, for example? He tells me a pipe burst under his living room floor and they had to rip up the whole floor to fix it. Then one of his air-conditioning units blew. When he went to the electrical box to reset it, the second one blew. He has to fix both now. Then something happened to his fridge he had to repair (he did not specify what).

He goes on to tell me that all these things happened at the same time so he has a lot of expenses now. But they are good things, not bad things. What do you mean? He says think of it like this. If you commit a serious crime and have to go to court. The judge says to you, I will give you a choice between two punishments: either jail time or a hefty fine to pay. What would you choose? You would choose the fine and thank the judge for letting you off like that.

So, he says, it is the same thing. I must have been deserving of some punishment for something. Hashem made me pay a lot of money in repairs as a punishment, when He could have punished me much harsher - sickness, injuries, etc.. As it is, he says, I got off with just paying some money and nothing more serious than that. Thank God for His kindness in judging me like that. And he said it all with a smile.

This is just an average guy. Not a rav or a talmid chacham. A regular guy. His level of emunah and bitachon is astounding. He is going through it right now and he can clearly see how Hashem is being kind to him, despite it all.

Mi K'amcha Yisrael - that he can have all this hardship, yet have the strength to see through it and declare Gods greatness!!


  1. not to say this doesn't happen in america, but i see more and more of it here. an integral reason why i moved here.


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