Mar 1, 2006

a jblogger simcha

Today I received in the mail a wedding invitation. The wedding is of 2 young adults, one of which is the child of a popular jblogger. It happens to be that I am invited from the chosson's side, though I know some of the kallah's family as well...
I am debating whether to let him know and introduce myself as a fellow blogger or not..

would you?


  1. I have been there, done that once before, and am now considering doing it again. Personally, I'd say you have nothing (much) to lose, since you know him anyway.

    Either way, Mazel Tov!

  2. I do not really know him personally. I know his father in law and I know the "mechutanim".

    I probably will introduce myself..

  3. Rafi: I would definitely introduce myself...go for it!

    Mazal Tov.


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