Jan 14, 2013

Amnon Yitzchak Accuses SHAS of Chilul Shabbos for votes

While I am not a supporter of Amnon Yitzchak or his political party, I fail to see why SHAS thinks Koach l'Hashpia should not be running, as if SHAS has a monopoly on Sephardi political parties (though Koach lHashpia has not said they are targeting Sephardim, it seems to be assumed that a lot of their support will come from that audience) and why they are fighting so strongly against Yitzchak and his party. I am not sure what they were so afraid of, and I don't know if the approach taken did more good or harm.

With all that being said, the colorful act of Amnon Yitzchak that promises, if his party should succeed in winning some Knesset mandates, to make the coming Knesset term very interesting (along with some other parties, should they succeed).

His latest episode is a ridiculous accusation that Rav Ovadiah's stroke never happened and was simply a ploy for the elections. So much so that, he says, SHAS leaders would even desecrate the Shabbos to get some more votes - they faked a stroke and they transported Rav Ovadiah to the hospital on Shabbos, and it was all just for some votes.

His proofs to the great acting by SHAS and Rav Ovadiah and that desecrating Shabbos on behalf of the elections is not beyond them, is twofold:
1. the three haredi newspapers did not mention Rav Ovadiah's illness (I guess in Sunday morning's editions), because they know it was not real.

2. Amnon Yitzchak said he and his group were in Nahariya for Shabbos. The mayor of Nahariya is associated with SHAS. Their bus was parked over Shabbos in a red-and-white zone (a no-parking zone). Red and white parking is not supposed to be enforced over Shabbos by city inspectors. Yet, a Jewish inspector, one who does not normally work on Shabbos, came by motorcycle and ticketed the bus, that had a Koach l'Hashpia sign on it, for parking in a no-parking zone. This bus was the only one to be ticketed despite the many other cars that were also parked in the red-and-white zone.
(source: Kikar)

Talk about a crazy accusation! His being colorful is one thing, accusations of this sort is another... He really needs to clean up his act.

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  1. and why they are fighting so strongly against Yitzchak and his party. I am not sure what they were so afraid of, and I don't know if the approach taken did more good or harm.

    They're fighting him since he spoke out against Rav Ovadia's family and later, Rav Ovadia himself. They are protesting the Bizayon Hatorah. If he would have just kept quiet about Shas and said that he's trying to salvage some mandates from Hilonim, Shas would not be as vociferous in their response.

    And if it's a matter of Kavod Hatorah, it doesn't matter whether it will help or hurt their party - they feel they need to defend Rav Ovadia at all costs.

  2. as far as I can recall, he only began speaking out against the Yosef family and associates after he was attacked many times.... he keeps repeating, whether true or not I dont know, that when he was given by permission from Rav Steinman to start his own party, that he should concentrate on bringing in voters (who would otherwise vote for secular parties) and not talk against existing haredi parties...

    1. He was not attacked - he was turned away from seeing Rav Ovadia much earlier - many months/years before he even started his party.

      So are you asking why his family and associates didn't let him in to see Rav Ovadia in the first place? That I don't know. They may have known something then that many people seem to know now.

  3. Maybe the religious parties are not such a good idea in general.


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