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Jan 14, 2013

Picture of the Day: No-Pants Day

nice boxers! who ever said haredim wear only black and white??

No-Pants Day (yesterday) at its best. on the Jerusalem Light-Rail..

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  1. OK. So, how on earth is this mutar?

    Sure the Mishnah Berurah and others suggest that shorts are mutar in some circumstances, but not that short!

    Many authorities say that allow mutar, shorts in public is a middah of Amei Ha'Aretz.

    I mean seriously. This is what I would expect from an "American Haredi," a term used by native Israelis to describe someone who is not necessarily American, and Haredi in dress only.

    You know, the guy who forgets to take his wedding band off at a public event, yet goes out of his way to show you how frum he is.

    1. I dont know if he is American, Israeli, French, British, Russian, Australian or whatever. you are making an assumption. Whatever he is, it is very strange that a frum person would go out in public in his underwear. truth is, it is strange for anybody, frum or not.

  2. Put it on, dude, put it on! Pritzus!

  3. Is this for real? Besides everything else, it's January!

  4. here is a link to the Facebook event... there are some pictures of people without pants, and there is a video form the Jerusalem light-rail (not with this guy though, but a bunch of others..)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. http://thepartialview.blogspot.com/2013/01/closing-age-gap-on-shidduchim-goes-back.html

  7. The kippah/tzizit was photoshopped. I wouldnt not be uploading this picture.

  8. maybe he realized his pants contained shaatnez and he had to remove them immediately to avoid being oiver the issur!!!

  9. I'm like - WTF?


  10. This is not photoshop...

    Here's a Youtube:

    And also an audio-podcast that tells the whole story, here:

  11. Lucky whoever the impostor is, is pretending to be/ridiculing an Orthodox Jew and not a radical Muslim. Hed not have survived the day!


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