Jan 8, 2013

Election Videos: Bayit Yehudi and Nach Nachs (video)

Some early releases of election videos...

Bayit Yehudi uses a theme of bringing their extensive military front-line experience to the Knesset:

and another from Bayit Yehudi, on the theme of asking people what a Jewish home means to them:

The Nach Nachs, Kulanu Chaveirim, went with a far-less interesting video (in my opinion) than their initial introductory videos..

Koach l'Hashpia, led by Amnon Yitzchak:

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  1. BH the Nanach have a lot of great promotions for the party:

    check out this playlist:


    Great blessings of Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman!

  2. Do you know how we can watch the daily broadcasts of the party election videos, from our PC??

  3. check back daily on Life in Israel --- :-)

    I hope to put up as many of them as I can find...


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