Jan 8, 2013

Geshempocalypse around Israel (video)

Thank you Hashem for all the rain. Keep it coming, as a blessing! We need as much as we can get!

Here are some images from yesterday's experience of Geshempocalypse (this word was created by Benji Lovitt, when he preferred this over my suggestion of Hurricane Hummus) around Israel:

Har HaBayit got his pretty strong, with some trees being uprooted:

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  1. Hey, where's my credit for Geshempocalypse? : )

  2. sorry, Benjy. I didnt include it here because I remembered already giving you credit in a different post. I just looked for it and found that it is in the post that is set to be posted in a little buit. I'll add it to this post also though


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