Jan 8, 2013

Friedmans bring their Boys to study in girls school (video)

Moshe Aryeh Friedman, of Neturei Karta fame, after having met a number of times with Mahmous Ahamdinejad of Iran and having spoken publicly many times against Israel and in favor of the Arabs, has been banished from wherever he has tried to set up shop. He has not been able to get his two boys into schools in the various jewish communities he has tried. 

After suing the Belz community in court in Antwerp, the courts forced Belz to accept his two boys into their girls school. Belz, recognizing that Friedman was simply trying to extort them for money (by refusing they would have to pay him thousands of dollars a day in damages), and that he is looking for attemtion for his cause, decided to go low profile. They have accepted his two boys into the girls school while they file an appeal to the court decision. They say they will deal with it later when the press and public interest in the story dies down.

Yesterday was their first day of school, and reportedly the school administration took the kids in, each to his appropriate class, and placed each boy among the girls (rather than sitting off to the side). In the video below the Friedmans bring their kids to school and then enjoy some attention from the press.

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  1. thats an amazing video... of rain. think you got the wrong link there...

  2. uh, I still see the friedman video..


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