Jan 2, 2013

Headline of the Day

DAAM party: Half a Million Dollars to to Settler Family Willing To Move

  -- NRG

DAAM, the Worker's Party, calls itself a socialist leftist party. In response to Moshe Feiglin's call to encourage Palestinian families to move abroad and to offer them payments of $500,000 as encouragement to do so, DAAM is suggesting that instead of that, a cheaper option would be to encourage the transfer of settler families, and offer them the same amount of money, $500,00 per family, to do so. The one difference is Feiglin's plan would have the Palestinians move abroad, while DAAM's plan would transfer the Jews to within Israel.

DAAM says this solution would allow for the establishment of a Palestinian state, would allow Israel to retain its democratic nature while integrating into the region through a comprehensive arrangement, lessen the budget for defense and move that money to social welfare, education and health. And, last but not least, it would save Israel a lot of money, as there are only about 300,000 settlers to pay, while there would be 3 million Palestinians to pay.

Not a bad response...

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  1. contact daam.. http://en.daam.org.il/

    you might have to wait for them to pass the legislation though.

    of course first they have to get into knesset...


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