Jan 2, 2013

Israel Invades Lebanon!

Israel has invaded Lebanon! Will it become all-out war? It depends on what the yellow peppers have to say about it!

The Israelis that invaded Lebanon were not people, but yellow peppers originating in Israel and being sold in a Lebanese market.

A shopper noticed a sticker saying "Israel" on the peppers he was selecting from. He informed the local army offices who immediately went to investigate. After finding 13 bags worth of peppers that seem to have originated in Israel, the very serious evidence was brought to the military courts, in order to begin an investigation as to how the Israeli peppers got into Lebanon.
(source: Kikar and Al Arabiya)

From what I understand from some inside sources, they are torturing the peppers to talk. So far the peppers are continuing to remain silent, despite some serious human rights breaches against how the Geneva Conventions allow prisoners to be treated. Word has it that if it gets any worse, the captured peppers might be forced to ingest their hidden cyanide pills, so as to be able to take their secrets to their death...

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