Jan 2, 2013

Rabbanut First to Offer free Wifi, in time for homosexual weddings

In a provocative response to Rav Eli Ben-Dahan's words about homosexuals yesterday, MK Nitzan Horowitz of Meretz has announced that he will be performing symbolic wedding ceremonys for same-gender couples on the steps of the Rabbanut of Tel Aviv.

Ben-Dahan, former head of the Rabbanut Beit Din of Tel Aviv and current candidate on the Bayit Yehudi list, said that homosexual marriage is the recipe for the destruction of the Jewish nation. While he spoke about human rights, he also spoke about the importance of the family unit and how such marriage brings about the destruction of the Jewish people, by destroying the family unit.

In response, Horowitz is arranging his symbolic ceremonies outside the Rabbanut Beit Din.
(source: Walla News)

While a symbolic wedding won't give these people much in the way of elevated rights beyond what they currently have, at least they will have free wi-fi while holding these weddings, and will be able to update their Facebook statuses and upload pictures of the weddings, for free!

According to Kikar, as part of their attempt to improve service to the public, Bezeq has just installed WiFi at all the Rabbanut Beit Din locations.

The project really began as an installation of a private network connecting all the batei din to make it easy and efficient for the dayanim to locate file cases. In addition, they are installing stations by which visitors will be able to see their own case files while waiting. As part of all this, Bezeq also installed wi-fi for the visitors to make avail of.

So, if the homosexual couples get nothing else out of their symbolic ceremonies, at least they will have free WiFi!


  1. Ben-Dahan was the head of the Rabbanut Beit Din of Tel Aviv?

  2. I just looked up his profile, and he was called the מנהל בתי הדין הרבניים


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