Jan 3, 2013

Quote of the Day

Today's QOTD will be a double. It will be both ends of an exchange regarding the Likud's recent attack on Bayit Yehudi for the approach a number of it people have towards the integration of women in the public sphere...

As a traditional person, and as someone who was educated in religious institutions, it was important for me that my children would also be educated in religious institutions, so that they would get to know the Jewish history and heritage. And my children were educated in religious nursery schools. When I wanted my eldest son to continue on to a National Religious school, we were shocked to come upon the stubbornness to begin separating the genders already in 1st grade. So, we we forced at the end of the day to forgo that option.
I believe that positions such as those held by people from Bayit Yehudi and Tekuma are positions that will distance the younger generation from getting to know and from getting close to Judaism, and from its good and positive values..

  -- Minister of Protection of the Environment Gilad Erdan

in response (to Erdan and to Likud statements made by others such as Limor Livant and Gideon Saar)...

We are the only party in Israel that has chosen women with no need for reserved slots, rather by merit of their actions... Bayit Yehudi has 3 women in the first 12 spots on the list, while the Likud has only one woman in these spots. And in the merit of the chauvinistic campaign of Arthur Finkelstein, we will also get Gila Finkelstein into the Knesset at the 18th spot. 

  -- Ayelete Shaked (#2 on Bayit Yehudi list for Knesset)

I hapen to agree with Shaked that the Likud should not be picking fights with Bayit Yehudi (or even Shas), but should be focusing its campaign on those more in the center, and it should be highlighting its accomplishments...

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