Jan 14, 2013

Quote of the Day

We will be responsible partners. We are not coming to blow up the government two months after we will join it. We are not going to bring down a "right" government over just anything, as long as it has not been decided to give away territory, we will have no reason to leave the government. Just the opposite: we are coming with a broad and mature vision, diplomatic, no longer 'sectorial-right'. Our 'fashion', what pushes us, is the good of the entire Jewish nation, and that is what will guide us in the government. We have come to work....
Israel is not our only flagship issue, and it is not even our central issue. Even Uri Ariel, number 2 on the joint list, doesn't only deal with issues of Eretz Yisrael. He intends to receive an actionable portfolio in the government, and to work for all the Jewish nation. we do not see ourselves as a right party, definitely not extreme right, rather as a party of the center. It is this message that I give over to the list members at our meetings..

  -- Naftali Bennet

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1 comment:

  1. This is pure Mafdal talk. I would normally respect the Tkuma crew but will they really have weight in this new union? or will they be influenced by the 'better to be smart than just' when it comes to core issues when push comes to shove?

    I just don't like Bennet's diplomatic talk even now before getting inside the door. We want leaders who are concrete in their positions and not zigzagy.


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