Jan 6, 2013

Quote of the Day

[The Likud attack on Bayit Yehudi about attitude towards women is] pathetic. they are displaying too much fear. Even if they succeed in getting back a mandate or two, it will leave a lot of bad blood in the political system between the two parties that will need to work together....
They should look in England how they separate between boys and girls, and they should stop blaming our educational system for excluding women. It has already been proven that such separation gives girls the better opportunity to succeed. The problems with the dress code of women in Israeli society is much more troubling on the side of the secular in the Israeli society. I am very disturbed how secular girls are seen today, what messages it embeds in them and in their surroundings.

  -- Rabbanit Yehudit Shilat, head of the Takana forum  

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