Jan 8, 2013

Quote of the Day

We say all the time: We are not here to protect those who are not learning Torah. But, it is also not our job to supply quotas to the army. We aren't their human resources service.

  -Meir Porush, #3 on UTJ party list

Porush said the above in an interview to Mishpacha newspaper. I have heard the same from Gafni in the past - that UTJ exists only to fight for those who are in yeshiva. That being their line, which normally does not get said but was now, I don't understand how they then turn to haredim who are not in yeshiva and demand their vote, with the knowledge that UTJ is not the party to turn to for any serious issues (UTJ is famous for its opening its askanus doors to anybody who needs individual help - I am referring here to a more global type of assistance).

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  1. What are you talking about? On what basis should working charedim be exempt from the draft?

  2. they should not be exempted from the draft. nobody said they should be. But Porush said his concern is only for the yeshiva students. Working community needs help with legislation to lower taxes, improve day care situation, or whatever, UTJ is not the address. according to him (and from what I heard from Gafni in the past) they are only concerned with problems affecting the yeshivot

  3. If this is daat torah, then who are we to complain?

    Is this why they can only get the same 5 seats each year? Granted that I've claimed in the past that Haredim are tired of what they perceive as 2nd rate Knesset Haredi members who do not take a hard right stand, I think I'll add another reason as well. The Haredi population have many issues that do not only start and end with learning in yeshiva, putting off the draft, and housing.

    I think the Haredi population is not as primitive and parochial as the Haredi leadership thinks. I think that Leitman did wonderful kiddush Hashem at the Health Ministry, and definitely shook up many institutions with his surprise visits, and Gafni does a good job at being a policeman when he is leading the money committee. I've heard a few of the MoKs complain that they work hard to help the simple person when they approach their office for assistance, but the same people don't bother coming to vote.

    Is their problem image? or maybe, the Haredim have more interests and are not only 2 dimensional yeshiva/army and housing?

  4. interestign thought. perhaps. It is definitely a big part of the reason they are having trouble campaigning this year. Many people feel they are not represented by UTJ. In recent years TOV has come into existence and has been growing. While they have not yet run nationally, its supporters are not gauranteed voters of UTJ any more. They dont feel represented by UTJ, and they feel slighted by the attacks from UTJ at the municipal levels in recent years.
    Many other groups as well.
    Your theory could be a very large part of why they havent grown much in the past, eve though it wasnt recognized as aproblem until recently.

  5. And yet, their slogan is "Kulanu Chareidim". Ironic, really.


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