Mar 11, 2013

Almost perfect for the Pesach seder - Haroset Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry's has announced they are producing a new flavor of ice cream in honor of Pesach, and just for Pesach. Ben and Jerry's will be making a limited run of Haroset and Nuts flavored ice cream. The ice cream will not just be flavored like haroset, but will contain actual haroset.

A friend reminded me that they did the same last year, so I guess this is not very new. Maybe they should innovate and make a maror flavored ice cream, or a korban pesach flavored ice cream...

If one is wondering what the point is - as it being a dairy ice cream, one cannot even eat it at the Pesach seder, the truth is you actually can. At the point where we eat haroset during the seder, no meat has yet been eaten. One could theoretically dip his maror in the haroset ice cream and enjoy it, and still have the standard fleishige Pesach seder meal at the "shulachan orech" section of the seder. One would have to make sure his maror, if using chazeret, was grated in a pareve grater, and one might question if the spirit of the law is being fulfilled if one is enjoying eating maror because of the sweet ice cream...

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1 comment:

  1. It sounds good because the only ice cream that's kosher for passover we can get, usually, is some kind of Klein's or another heimish brand. I am sure Ben & Jerry's, even charoset flavor, is higher quality, and possibly even cheaper.

    Gotta go, I need to check the ou website for which brands of baby carrots are acceptable this year. :/


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