Mar 3, 2013

Interesting Posts #464

1. When politicians take emotional positions

2. Dr. Shkop of Hebrew Theological College Tries to Suppress Openness About Abuse

3. Eilat - this brief description shows how Eilat is changing and is nothing like how it used to be described, or thought of..

4. haredi use of the term "torah world" is insulting - I never thought of ti like that. I have noticed the scorn and derision and exclusion in other points of speech, but I never thought of it in this very-frequently used phrase...

5. Running for their lives

6. Bezalel, marathons and a healthy Israeli society

7. Beyond the law no more

8. fearmongers

9. Friends I've never met

10. Promoting Judaism: Playing by Secular Rules

11. Chabad, 770, and the Israeli postal service

12. The good, the minor bad, the Jerusalem Marathon! - my post on the Jerusalem Marathon experience

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