Mar 5, 2013

Interesting Posts #466

As you can tell, the big topic of the day seems to have been the locust swarmign through Egypt...

1. is it or isnt it kosher for passover?

2. Ulpana fires unmarried pregnant teacher

3. Israel's plague hotline

4. Moroccan Jews of the Amazon come home

5. another parents nightmare

6. new lie of the day - locust panic in Israel

7. charedi parties threatening revenge

8. the plague of locusts of 1915 was of biblical proportions

9. Pesach - much more than matzah

10. and we cried out to God..

11. Chassidic comics-  what? not quite sure I get what the problem is. using comic style is just a style for telling a story. what does it represent that is specifically bad?

12. Hevel Havalim #400

13. Great books for Pesach from Feldheim

14. rumor has it that a swarm of locusts has now entered Israel and is down south... if they show up at your door, here is a recipe for honey spiced locust

15. photoblog of Jerusalem Marathon 2013

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  1. For me, at least living as I do on the "outskirts of Jewish civilization", this collation or anthology (call it what you wish) of stories I might otherwise have missed has become a prime reason for reading Life In Israel.

    Well done, Rafi G, and please do your best to continue your thankless work for as long as you are able! Over here my family and I all appreciate it.

  2. It is stated in the Daily Mail (on which this whole tzimmes is based) that "the Egyptian Agriculture Minister Dr Salah Abd Al Mamon said: ‘Egyptian armed forces and border guards are attempting to fight the swarm with all means at their disposal'."

    So what exactly are the Egyptians doing, davka? Checking the insects' passports, visas and how much foreign currency they have stashed in their wing cases?

    1. lol.. they are probably fighting the swarms more than they fight the Hamas tunnel smugglers!

  3. Thanks for including my post.


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