Mar 4, 2013

Will Aviv Gefen become religious?

The title of this post "Will Aviv Gefen become religious?" is really the paraphrased title of the article in Maariv-NRG (the original reads "Is Aviv Gefen Searching for repentance?").

Gefen says a nice thing about religion, and suddenly he is on the path to teshuva. One can only hope, but I doubt it is that simple.

What happened?

Surely you must remember the performance by Ophi Ben-Sheetrit on Israel's musical reality TV show The Voice. Her performance came under heavy criticism, as a religious girl singing in public, received a suspension from her religious school, and having chosen Aviv Gefen as her mentor.

Well, Ben-Sheetrit and Gefen have begun working together. Gefen went down to Ben-Sheetrit's community of Nir Galim and met with her in the community shul. Upon entering, Gefen requested a kipa for his head.

While working with Ben-Sheetrit, Gefen is quoted as having said things like his being jealous of her and of people who believe.. Gefen also said that he is waiting to be enlightened and does not know why it has not yet happened to him, why he has not come to such an understanding and faith.

Perhaps it will come to him one day. Perhaps working with Ben-Sheetrit, a religious young woman, on music and song, something emotional and dear to them both, might be the trigger that provides the enlightenment Gefen is waiting for. I don't know, and I don't know if that will justify her actions (to those who disapprove of them). It definitely raises the question of how much one should risk, or even give up, for the objective of kiruv of others.

I just found this video online of the meeting..

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  1. "Will Aviv Gefen become religious?

    Frankly, my dear, I couldn't give a damn. Do you mean to tell us that is the most important and key issue facing Israel and the Jewish people right now?

    Who is this nonentity anyway?

  2. My son was very excited to see Aviv Gefen in a Kipa, and knowing my opinion of him was quick to call me over to the screen to see the rare site of him in a shul.
    Frankly I'd rather see him in an IDF uniform, as a draft-doger he is a bad influence for all Israelis. As a secularist he still has time to do Tshuva.

  3. I think the the intriguing and fascinating part about these ultra-secularists is that since they are such 'extreme' people, then if they did tshuva, they could be equally extreme ultra-religious people (Haredi, Hassidi, or Dati- Leumi). Personally, I couldn't care less about this guy, or most other entertainers. Instead of seeing their work as a job, we give them more pespect and honour than is necessary.


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