Jul 4, 2013

SAVE EMEK HAELA!!! Details of the demonstration

Bet Shemesh/ Ramat Bet Shemesh Residents
Our beloved Emek Haelah is in danger
If 15,000 housing units are built in Emek Haelah it will be the destruction not only of the unique flora and fauna and the unique archaeological finds , and the second most popular bicycle riding area in the State of Israel

The residents of Bet Shemesh wrote over  over 6,000 objection letters. We need to keep the pressure on the Minister of the interior-Gideon Saar.  It is all in his hands.

There will be a demonstration opposite his house in Tel Aviv in Tuesday 9th July at 17.30.  (Rehov Brandeis 30) It has been coordinated with the Police and with Gideon Saar’s office.

Gideon Saar needs to show others that there is so much public pressure on him that he has no choice but to look at the plans anew.

There will be hasaot from Bet Shemesh.  The hasaot  will be at 4pm from the Matnas in the Rama (Nachal Dolev) and from BIG at the bus stop near the butke at the entrance to old BIG

This would be a great activity for teenagers who are holidays , there will be representatives of a number of youth groups present

Please bring  musical instruments and good spirit

I need some volunteers to help make phone calls.  Please email me if you can help.  We are asking people to make 10 phone calls each- to people who  love nature.  The important thing to stress is that it will not be threatening to the Minister and that it has been done in  coordination with his office.

I need to know numbers , because we need to decide whether to send big buses or vans.

Anyone who needs more info or wants to book a bus should call or SMS me on 054-530-9732 and mention which stop they want to get on, the number of participants and phone number

You can also email me on evesol@netvision.net.il

Thank you so much for your help and hopefully for coming to the demo!


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  1. "Please bring musical instruments and good spirit"

    Instruments! It's the Nine Days!
    Rabbi Yaacov Haber

  2. I asked about that. I found it a strange idea. the answer was there will not be a concert. it seems that its basically for noise and to keep people going


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