May 8, 2017

no automatic membership to the Nazi party

Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman today said that Hamas and Hizbollah are the continuation of the Nazis, as are Israeli [Arab] MKs that smuggle cellphones into prisons to jailed terrorists.

As always, I protest the comparison to the Nazis. No matter how bad smuggling a phone into prison might be, no matter how bad helping a jailed terrorist might be, no matter how treasonous it might be for a Member of Knesset to try to help a terrorist, it has nothing to do with Nazism. Perhaps a case could be made for Hamas and others like them as they want to destroy the Jews and work towards that goal...

Comparing everything you don't like, even very bad things, to the Nazis disrespects the memory of the Holocaust and of the survivors. Whether it is a policeman acting on orders you disagree with or be it smuggling a phone into prison, it does not turn them into Nazis.

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  1. Intention to commit genocide against the Jews isn't nazism?

    1. Smuggling a cellphone isn't. Did you read what Rafi wrote?

    2. Smuggling a cellphone into prison has been proven to be used for the continued genocide against Jews, not for talking with children because you miss them.


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