May 4, 2017

paying to move the US Embassy

According to journalist Ariel Kahana of Makor Rishon, President of the United States Donald Trump has demanded Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu pay for the move of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jersualem. It seems the hold up of the embassy move is that Netanyahu refuses to pay for it.

I could not find any other source for this information, but this is what Kahana is reporting.

That being said, it makes sense. Trump wants Mexico to pay for "the wall", and he wants Israel to pay for moving the embassy.

I get why Netanyahu refuses to pay. It is probably expensive, and it is something by US law the USA has to do anyway.

But. But. But.

Let's come up with some solutions for the impasse.

1. Netanyahu should agree to pay but only by using monies from the aid supplied by the United States that has to be spent in the USA. Since the embassy is US territory, moving it will be like spending it in the USA.

2. Netanyahu is an expert at getting others to pay his way. He can probably raise the necessary monies pretty easily from his buddies Sheldon Adelson, Ronald Lauder, Noni Moses, Milchan, Packer, Rechnitz and others. It should be a cinch for him to raise the money from his buddies for such a major issue.

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  1. It is rumoured that Bibi in fact doesn't want this "headache".

  2. I like the idea to use the foreign aid here. Building a new embassy would probably cost over a billion USD.

  3. So if we pay for it, do we get to decide where to put it? Do we get to put in our own security (as in get rid of the staff in the East Jerusalem place that belong in Ramallah)?

  4. Israel already provides security, for the record.


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