May 3, 2017

shakeup in kashrut

Rav Oren Duvdevani used to be a rav in a community of Bet Shemesh.  While I can't really say I know him personally, I have met him and know of him and follow some of what he is involved in. Rav Duvdevani has been involved in kashrus for a long time and is considered an expert in the field. Most recently, Rav Duvdevani has worked for the Rabbanut and headed their kashrus division in the city of Givatayim. Previously he has headed the kashrut authorities in Mexico. He has been responsible for the kashrus of shechita and has worked with the OU and OK organizations.

Rav Duvdevani has announced that he is leaving the Rabbanut and will now be working with Hashgacha Pratit, headed by Rabbi Ahron Leibowitz.

This is a big loss for the Rabbanut, and a big gain for Hashgacha Pratit. Not only will Rav Duvdevani be in a position to improve their processes and functionality, but his involvement will give them an immediate significant boost in credibility.

I have already seen one rav who until now has not been willing to endorse Hashgacha Pratit, purely due to lack of familiarity with what they do, who has said that if Rav Duvdevani is involved he will now endorse them even without knowing the details.

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