Jun 18, 2017

Kosher Television

Heck - if we can have kosher cellphones to counter the non kosher cellphones, and kosher internet to counter the non kosher internet, why not have kosher television to counter the non kosher television?

Kikar is reporting that Rav Bentzion Mutzafi has come out strongly criticizing the Hidabrut organization. Hidabrut is an organization that works on turning non-religious Jews into baalei teshuva.

It seems that Hidabrut has created some sort of Kosher Television that has access only to certain religious programming, aimed at helping people become religious.

Whatever Rav Mutzafi heard about it, and Hudabrut people say he was fed inaccurate misinformation, he had some very strong words to say against Hidabrut, and not only about the kosher televisions.

Hidabrut says these televisions are not for the Haredi community, but for people in the process of becoming religious who need chizuk and it helps them get rid of their regular televisions.

Kosher television. Soon people will have two, like they carry two cellphones - a kosher television they show everyone on which they can watch Rav Zamir and others, and a non-kosher television on which they can watch everything else without telling anyone. Schools will ask if you have a kosher television, and if you do not, they'll tell you to get one, even if just for show.

The funny thing is, Hidabrut is working to get people to throw out their televisions, as if that is still an issue. With everyone having Internet access, and that potentially being far "worse" than having a television, it is funny that the television still worries them.

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