Jun 14, 2017

Proposed Law: 911

MKs Moshe Gafni and Uri Maklev (UTJ) has proposed a law by which all official emergency services will be accessible by calling one hotline, instead of having separate numbers for each as the situation is now. All emergency service providers included by the appointed member of government (not sure if this will be a minister or a clerk of some sort) in the official list will be included in the access to the number. As well, the phone call will be free with a human responder.

Gafni says he proposed this in the past government as well, but when the government folded and called for new elections, his proposal went away as a casualty of war.

The proposal passed its initial reading by a vote of 54-0 and will be sent to committee to prepare it for voting into law.

The law is being dubbed the "911 law". Ichud Hatzalah in particular is happy about this, as they are hopeful to be included in the list, despite being opposed by MDA for any official status until now.
source: Kol Hai News

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1 comment:

  1. I support. I can't remember the diff numbers.
    I'm not sure how this will help Hatzalah. The calls will merely go to one place that will forward to fire, police, Mada and I do not see anyone open that up for a tender.


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