Jun 25, 2017

Meat and Milk but not on the same receipt

Hattip to Gideon Slifkin for this..

Is there any halachic basis for this? Meaning, assuming they can properly sell milk and meat in the same restaurant in a way that the kashrut supervision approves of, and they do, what exactly is the problem with ordering the two at the same time? Can hamburgers and milkshakes not be printed on the same receipt? If one kid wants the burger and another wants the shake, what's the problem with ordering them at the same time? Maybe it is some type of extra level of protection put in place by the Rabbanut, already wary of allowing them to serve both milk and meat in the same restaurant?

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  1. Most likely that mixed meat and milk restaurants are generally not allowed, so the bureaucracy is set up to officially not recognize them, and receipts thus cannot be mixed. It's not worth implementing changes to accommodate the small number of cases where an arrangement has been made with the Rabbanut to allow selling both.

  2. Is it the receipt that can't be mixed, or the order? The former would follow from the latter, but the latter makes more sense.

    1. really neither make sense, unless it is a "gedder" from the Rabbaanut hechsher

  3. The fastest way to determine if a McDonald's is kosher or not is to locate the ice cream machine. The Kosher McDonald's have all the dairy located on one side. The workers have to walk through a swinging door to get to the dairy side. Each side has a separate cashier and a separate line to order from. Food on the dairy side is quick to prepare and can be served right away. Food on the meat side has to be cooked and requires waiting.

    They have started adding self serve kiosks where you can place your order instead of waiting in line at the cash. I don't know if it is a Rabbanut directive or simple logistics. It makes sense to me that the self-serve kiosk would have the same limitations as ordering at the counter.


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