Jul 17, 2017

Ahavat Chinam is more important

There is an article in the online publication called MehadriNews (based in Bet Shemesh) about an incident that took place in which extremist thugs attacked a non-religious family living in the Yefe Nof neighborhood of Bet Shemesh. They broke the lock during the night, essentially blockading them in the house, and spray painted graffiti on the door of the house saying "enough of the immodesty". It seems this is not the first time this family has been attacked.

In the article, they speak to the victims and they say they have Haredi nieghbors and have a good relationship with them and everyone shows mutual respect and they have no problem with Haredim and it is a shame these extremists give all the Haredim a bad name..

The title of the article is "This is not how to Increase Unmitigated Love (Ahavat Chinam)".

As if the biggest problem with what was done is that they might make some people not like Haredim. That is worse than the violence, worse than the pain caused, worse than the financial damage caused, worse than the trauma caused. None of that is as important as making a non-religious family like the Haredi community..

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1 comment:

  1. That disgusting behavior is not the way of the truly religious. It is the ways of the wicked. Believe many of these types of incidents are perpetrated by those that might be working for those who have the goal of demonizing the ultra religious. Or it might just be the work of some nut jobs, but there is an overall demonization of the chareidim who would even resort to such criminality.


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