Aug 6, 2017

defrauding the Palestinian Ministry of Terror Payments

Recently the body of a Michal Halimi from Holon was discovered. Halimi was 5 months pregnant. Halimi was having a romantic affair with an Arab from Shchem (Nablus), Mohammed Haruf, and they were even supposedly engaged to be married.

Haruf, after being captured, claimed that he had murdered her for nationalist reasons in order to pressure the Israeli government to release Palestinian prisoners from jail.

According to the investigation. Haruf had strangled her and then hid the body in the dirt and covered it with tires. As well, he stole her car and credit cards. He sold the car in the PA territories, and he tried to withdraw money from her bank account.

Haruf has now been served with an indictment for the murder of Michal Halimi. Despite his admission and claims of nationalistic motives, the indictment is for murder and not terror.

I would guess that his claims of nationalist motives is just an attempt to make the best of the situation and get his family paid by the Palestinian Authority for murdering an Israeli. His motives were probably personal and criminal, but if he can find a way to also get paid for it and scam the PA, why not? It seems the Prosecutors also think that, which would be why they ignored his claim.

And that is why, among other good reasons, the Taylor Force Act has to pass in the USA and the PA has to stop paying for terror. Even common criminal will try to get in on the act. The Israelis should probably release him to the PA and let him be tried there for his attempt to defraud the PA Ministry of Terror Payments.

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