Aug 8, 2017

everybody loves crocs... really?

I knew crocs have been in style for a few years now, but this seems like taking the trend just a bit too far..

According to the Head of Local Council Of the Jordan Valley, they are tring to get rid of the alligators in the area and have 1000 alligators looking for a home. They have dedicated 3 million shekels to the efforts to give away 1000 crocodiles. He also says he has no idea what it costs to buy a croc, but they just want to get rid of them..

I guess if you have always wanted to buy crocs but never bothered, now might be your opportunity to get crocs and get paid for taking them! Just lease don't put them on your feet!

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  1. Alligators and crocodiles are too different animals. Crocodiles inhabit the Middle East, mostly Egypt, but I guess some also in Israel. Alligators inhabit Florida.

  2. are too [sic] different

    The mistake is rather appropriate.

  3. Why don't you call your townmate rav Dr skifkin?


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