Aug 8, 2017

loving Bet Shemesh

in honor of the day of love yesterday, Tu B'Av (aka Israel's version 
of Valentine's Day)..

I had a secular Israeli from Tel Aviv come to my house this afternoon to conduct some business. We were sitting on the porch doing our business enjoying the nice breeze in the warm but not unpleasant weather.
This fellow starts asking me about the neighborhood and he comments how beautiful the entire area is. He then complains about how the media portrays Bet Shemesh so badly and it is not right because the city is so beautiful and so many nice people (he has recently come to Bet Shemesh a few times for various business deals he tells me).. 

He asks me more about the Haredi community in the area and again complains about the way the media portrays them and Bet Shemesh. I explained the media gets it because of a community of extreme Haredim living adjacent to a general neighborhood and they cause a lot of trouble. He shakes his head and complains again about the media. He also said what do people prefer - that everyone should be like people in Tel Aviv with 1 child and a dog? And he repeated how beautiful Bet Shemesh is and how the people are so nice...

sometime's it is good to get an outsider's perspective...

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