Aug 7, 2017

Somehow they are surprised Deri staged his own comeback

all the frum websites are in a tizzy about some new revelation about how Aryeh Deri himself was the man behind the campaign to bring Aryeh Deri back to lead Shas, and how he went about it with some of his manipulations of the relevant people. A lot of the information seems to come from disgruntled former Shas activist and famous singer Benny Elbaz. Elbaz had a falling out with Deri after helping him return to the top of Shas, and now has done what he could to make Deri look bad. The revelation came initially from Yisrael Hayom, and has been picked up by all the frum media outlets online and given splashy headlines (example: Kooker and Kooker).

I am not sure what the tizzy is all about. Who did they think was behind it? Did they really think Deri himself wasn't behind the push for Deri to return to lead Shas? Did they really think a politician, a very savvy politician, would not use all sorts of manipulations and take advantage of visuals and timing to return to the leadership he so wanted?

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