Aug 7, 2017

The parade of supporters

the parade of Likud MKs and Ministers expressing support for beleaguered PM Netanyahu makes me wonder, and comment on a situation I had no interest in commenting on until now.

Just like with the Sanhedrin - if the entire court unanimously finds an alleged murderer guilty, they throw the case out of court. Why? Because there cannot be any unanimous decision on such weighty matters, and if a court of 23 or 71 finds someone guilty by unanimous decision, it means they missed something in the arguments. It means everyone went along with someone else's opinion, maybe they were pressured to or they felt it beneath them to argue with Rabbi X or Rabbi Y.

If some Likud MKs were calling for Netanyahu's head and others expressed their support for him, that would make sense and be fine. A parade of MKs and Ministers only expressing support for him and nobody being willing to say anything in opposition to that is suspicious to me. Netanyahu or one of his people must be pressuring all the Likud MKs to speak up and express support.

And this has nothing to do with what I think of Netanyahu, his position as PM and the investigation into his affairs.

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