Apr 15, 2018

4/14/18 The Big Beer Controversy in the Tri-State Area - Is it Chametz Shevar Alav HaPesach? (audio)

if you were interested in the complicated issue of the sale of a beer distribution business for Pesach as reported last week, you must listen to this podcast episode.

as I wrote to the host..

Getting the background on the story was invaluable and hearing the various halachic opinions enlightening.

I understand there are different opinions one can choose to follow regarding the sale of chametz and each and every individual can choose for himself whether to follow this or that opinion.

However, I do have a problem with institutions, especially kashrut organizations, coming out against. Here they have a situation where they have been trying to get this guy, for a long time, to sell his chametz, and for whatever reason it never worked out. Finally he agrees to sell it, and then the same kashrus organizations that have been pushing him to sell are saying thank you for selling, but we dont hold of it.

Why should any not-frum businessman bother agreeing to sell his chametz next year after finding out that many kashrus organizations spoke out anyway against him and his sale? Why should he bother?

I even consider it almost hypocritical from the perspective of the kashrus organizations, pushing people to sell and then saying we dont rely on it.

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1 comment:

  1. Every now and then a large ad will appear in New York Jewish newspapers: "RESTAURANT X IS NO LONGER UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF HECHSHER A." And then *maybe* after a few pages there'll be a smaller ad saying "Restaurant X is now under the supervision of Hechsher B." (Just as reliable if not more so.) This even happened in Jerusalem- the hechsher was a branch of an American one- a little while back, with pashkevilim going up.

    Now, maybe they have to do this under some rule. But it still seems petty. So I don't doubt that pettiness might be a factor here. "We wanted to do it and now some other hechsher got the business? We'll show them."

    Seriously, once another hechsher, especially a reliable one, has certified something, it seems almost unhalakhic to publicly oppose them in this way.


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