Apr 29, 2018

Quote of the Day

you cannot take the residents and residential areas and keep them separately [from commercial areas], without any income. Therefore, the Haredi population needs to be connects to non-Haredi cities

  -- Mayor of Bnei Braq Chanoch Zeibart, talking at a real estate conference, expressing his opinion that a Haredi city would collapse as it would not have enough taxes and income to sustain it. Zeibart explained why Bnei Braq is different, in his opinion, but believes this about other potential Haredi cities.

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  1. Bnei Brak is essentially a suburb of Tel Aviv. It's not going to get much more connected than that, whether anyone wants it to be or not.

  2. This is pretty sad. He is admitting that the Charedim are leeching off the chilonim

    1. he is doing exactly that. in the original I linked to, they connect it to what Eli Yishai said a few years ago when he was Minister of Interior and similarly said Bet Shemesh would never split because the Haredim cannot survive without the secular, and he also spoke against creating new cities just for Haredim for the same reason.


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