Apr 15, 2018

no kippa allowed in the Anne Frank House

It is being reported that an employee at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam was banned from wearing his yarmulke on premises.

It seems that the reason given was that "wearing the skullcap might endanger the neutrality of the foundation which runs the museum and 'influence its work combating antisemitism'."

All's well that ends well. After appealing the decision and 6 months of discussions about the matter they decided to allow him to wear the kippa.

talk about cultural appropriation! The Anne Frank House, commemorating a Jewish child that was hiding out from the Nazis, feels it must remain neutral on all symbols, including Jewish ones. They are taking the Jewishness out of the commemoration of a Jewish girl hiding out because she was Jewish! Had she been not Jewish, she would not have been in hiding, so the Jewishness is integral to the incident and even the commemoration. You cannot just turn a Jewish situation like that into a neutral symbol of oppression, though you can rally around the banner of the oppression in that incident and apply it globally to all victims of oppression, but of course you cannot deny the Jewish aspect of it.

I would guess, humorously, that they probably allowed Mr Vingerling to wear his kippa when working in the attic, and the problem was only in the rest of the house.

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