Apr 11, 2018

Amare Stoudemire wants to convert

According to an article in The Forward, Amare Stoudemire is in the process of converting to Judaism.

Stoudemire has been flirting with Israel and the Jews for a while now, as he discovered and explored his "Hebrew roots". Now he wants to take it further and convert to become actually Jewish.

The HBO interviewer asked if he is doing this just to become a citizen of Israel. He probably should have asked if he is converting just so that when he touches his new wine bottles he won't ruin them for all his potential customers...

I am just joking with that. If he goes through the conversion process properly, Stoudemire will be accepted with open arms.

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  1. Did he say what his Jewish roots are?

  2. his claim of Hebrew roots has been well documented over the past few years. to quote one article "He believes he has “Hebrew roots” through his mother, Carrie.

    “She studied the scriptures and history and she believes she is a Hebrew,” he told the Associated Press on Friday in Jerusalem. “I grew up in a very spiritual home. It’s not about religion, it’s about spirituality for me.”

    beyond that, do a google search

  3. Who knew Jews could be such good basketball players ;-)


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