Apr 17, 2018

new chumra: bought from a goy after Pesach

I was in the supermarket the other and spotted this sticker on some items. I had never before seen such a sticker that I can remember...

It says the item was purchased from a goy after Pesach 5778.

We've gotten used to stickers saying it is made from flour ground after Pesach. This is an interesting new sticker. Things generally would be covered by the hechsher or by the ishur that the store sold its chametz, but who is to say that after Pesach they did not buy chametz, even unknowingly, from a Jew that did not sell his chametz for Pesach? This sticker assures the consumer that the item was bought after Pesach from a goy. It could also mean that they sold it for Pesach to a goy and after Pesach bought it from the goy. So this does not really tell us much, but I guess it makes people feel like they are being machmir on something

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  1. How do we know the sticker isn't a forgery?

    1. also an option I guess, or a lie like dlz says below. here in israel, especially for pesach we commonly find hechshers just stamped on or stickered on as if they didnt want to bother printing a special rub of labels, and we really have no way to know whether it is actually form the hechsher or if someone just walked by with a stamp

    2. Back in America, several decades ago, a friend of mine saw workers in a supermarket sticking Pesach hechsherim on various products in the store. He was upset, so he started peeling off the stickers and sticking them on packages of bread.

  2. It can't be a forgery, because there is no identifying information at all. It may, of course, be a lie.


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