Apr 12, 2018

victory lap

In the list of possible Yom Haatzmaut activities to stick on your calendar, you might want to consider this one, as reported by INN:
Jerusalem activists headed by Evyatar Elbaz, who heads the rescue organization Elon to locate missing persons, plan to hold a "victory lap" with Israeli flags on the streets of the predominantly Mea Shearim for Independence Day. The protest convoy is expected to arrive in Mea Shearim this Sunday afternoon.
According to Elbaz, the "victory lap" was born in protest against the extreme haredi-religious riots in Jerusalem that "have turned the lives of Jerusalem residents into hell in recent months." he said, "The peak of course was the violent and despicable behavior of those extremists who desecrated the funeral procession and kidnapped the body of the baby who drowned in a hotel in Ashdod, adding to their roadblocks in Jerusalem, vandalism of city property, to their harming of haredim who decided to enlist in the army and, of course, their traditional contempt for state symbols such as Memorial Day for the Fallen of Israel and Independence Day." He stressed, "They have to understand that by way of violence and crazy extremism they will not achieve anything."
a protest convoy victory lap in Mea Shearim with Israeli flags. This will surely end well.

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  1. about as good as the falestin riots scheduled for today....

  2. This is about the most horrible idea I have eve heard for Yom Ha'atzmaut

    Yes the Charedi thugs who demonstrate and block traffic cause a massive Chilul HaShem and should be arrested.
    Yes, anyone (charedi or otherwise) who does not mark Yom Haatzmaut at all is showing a lack of gratitude to הקב"ה for the direct influence he has in creating a safe haven for the Jewish People.

    But the fact that some people are Jerks and some of the Jerks are Charedim does not justify deliberately going to annoy a whole bunch of people who have chosen to live in a neighborhood like Mea Sharim where they can do their own thing without bothering outsiders.

  3. I agree with you Michael about everything except for the need to mark Yom Haatzmaut. They cab have Hakorat Hatov for all the Media does for them with out having to create a specific day that they need to join in with. The more they are pushed to celebrate the Medina, the more they will show you the massive gaping flaws, like their relentless attempts to secularize and modernize the Chareidi communities. And how the Israeli Government cannot tolerate andy concept of barriers between men and women at all, whereas it's a staple in the Orthodox community.

    1. The State of Israel could secularize and modernize the charedi communities in one second, by cutting off funding to them. Alas, they don't do this.

    2. in my opinion that would not secularize the haredi community in any way

  4. Good point Anonymous, although I assume that you mean hakarot hatov for all the MEDINA does for them, not the MEDIA (secular media doesn't do much for the Charedi community :)

    I agree that there is no point ion pushing anyone to celebrate Yom Ha'atzmaut any more than there is any point in pushing someone to celebrate Purim or Lag B'Omer. If the Holiday has zero or little meaning for someone, there is no point in pushing it.
    Also agree that there are many ways to have Hakarot hatov without celebrating Yom Ha'atzmaut.


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