Jan 6, 2019

frum music gemach

this gemach notice appeared in a local ad booklet..

HatTip to Shui Haber

this raises a number of questions in my mind..
1. what is an amber gemach - what is amber, and how does it prevent jaundice?
2. Let's make a deal - isnt giving out 9000 frum songs for free stealing? Are the various artists getting paid for this music? Have they all agreed for their music to be distributed free of charge for this lofty purpose?
3. does it matter how many non-Jewish music files I have? if I delete 10 songs, will I still get 9000 frum songs or is it on some weighted scale?
4. what does "also applicable if you own only Jewish music" mean? - what am I supposed to delete to get the 9000 frum songs? delete all my Avraham Fried songs to get them back plus more?

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  1. I assume the "only Jewish music" bit is if you own something that's not on the "approved" list. This is nothing more than another holier-than-thou zealot ignoring Halachah to pursue a private agenda.

  2. Why not email them and find out?

  3. One of my children signed up so I'm familiar with this.
    yes, the artists have agreed to be part of this. It's a very large list of singers, including many top names.
    as long as you have no non-jewish music (either you never did or you delete all that you have) you can participate and get all of the 9000 songs
    I'm very impressed by the major stars who agreed to permit their songs to be listed even though they obviously take a financial hit to their wallets. Very l'shem shamayim

    1. that's really great of them. kol hakavod.

    2. according to Simcha Leiner, "She claims she has the consent from many many artist. While the majority of artists would never agree and don’t agree to this"... he also commented that "At least he/she is now a Ganev that doesn’t listen to non-Jewish music.".. he, one of these artists, called such people a ganev

  4. What a bid Chessed.. you can also get most music on YouTube or other music sites..all for free.. way to make it easy..


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