Jan 1, 2019

wearing black hats and jackets can be pikuach nefesh

It seems that in Tom's River there have been a number of car accidents involving pedestrians wearing dark clothing, i.e. black hats, black pants and black jackets and coats, walking in the roads in the dark. It has become serious enough that the local rabbonim have had to issue a warning, calling it pikuach nefesh, with instructions for the community members to wear reflective materials and not just walk around in the dark wearing dark clothing.

I am not sure why people don't realize this on their own. I have complained about it as well, not in Tom's River but in some areas in Israel where the roads are not lit well. Pedestrians wearing dark can be very difficult to see. Pedestrians generally do not have the perspective of a driver and perhaps do not realize how difficult it can sometimes be to see them.

Please make sure, to the best of your ability, you are visible on the roads. Nobody wants to get hurt or to hurt anybody else. It is the last thing anybody needs. And it is pikuach nefesh.

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  1. Those who wear a black hat and jacket to fit in are not exactly known as independent thinkers.

  2. Use of reflector sashes or vests was encouraged a few years ago in the Monsey area for the same reason, and many now do use them.


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