Feb 13, 2019

differnetiating between Haredi and non-Haredi women

This is interesting..

Signs in Jerusalem, placed along the Ramot Road, have been advertising upcoming events with a variety of speakers and hosts. As we have come to expect already, pictures of the women were defaced with spray paint covering their images.

What is interesting is that this time they have started differentiating between Haredi women and secular women.

The ads with images of Henya Shochat, a Haredi woman, were left untouched, while all the other ads with womens images, such as Orli Vilnai, Emily Arrusi and Maya Roseman, were all defaced.

So now, the extremists, if it was them as the article in Kikar assumes, are allowing frum women's faces to appear in public, but not secular women's faces. Interesting.

What I don't know is how they knew which women were religious and which were not. I would not have known without googleing the names. Also, the pictures are just faces, not full body shots, and even the non-Haredi women do nto appear immodest, so I am not sure how they could tell or differentiate.

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