Feb 13, 2019

Picture of the Day

credit to Shos Haderech

Today was the day for the ceremony for the laying of the cornerstone for construction of the new cultural center in Bet Shemesh. The new center will hold up to 550 seats and is planned to be opened in September 2021. The cultural center will be available for concerts, performances, conferences and many other recreational and cultural events. A foundational scroll was signed by city leaders and buried and embedded into the cornerstone.

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  1. Replies
    1. I am not sure. if I am not mistaken, it was originally planned to be built behind the edge of Migdal Hamayim, across from the back side of the Kiryah Hachareidit (I guess the plot behind where that taxi stand is and the watermelon guy).. I assume it is still there but that's just a guess


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