Feb 21, 2019

Tweet of the Day

from Benny Gantz:
In another month and a half we will all go to choose between a ruler who has English from Boston , heavy makeup and expensive suits, and between Israeli leadership, true leadership, caring leadership, not fake and not artificial.. we will present leadership at eye level.

He has said a lot of nice and interesting things, though very little, if anything, about actual policy, but this in particular I don't like. Someone who speaks English well can't be Prime Minister? Bibi was born here (Bibi is the first Israeli prime minister to have been born in Israel) and served in the army just like Gantz did. He might, and does, have faults, but the fact that he speaks English well is not one of them.

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  1. Was not Rabin the first native born Israeli to become Prime Minister? Perhaps Bibi is the first native born Israeli member of Likud to become Prime Minister?

    1. you are correct. the difference being that Rabin was born prior to the founding of the State of Israel. He was born in Palestine. Netanyahu was the first Israeli-born PM (after foundation of the State)

  2. BTW: Good Luck from here in the US on the launching of the first Israeli moon lander in a little over an hour!

  3. We are proud of our country’s accomplishments

  4. BTW
    English is the global language & an asset (as are all Americans who came on alityah the last 80 years) for the PM.


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