Feb 27, 2019

PSA: the differences between RBS D and E

I am not sure what to add about this, so I am just going to post it as a public service announcement..

Yesterday it became known that a number of apartments in the "Mechir LaMishtaken" lottery for RBS E (Hei), aka Neve Shamir, were won by Haredi residents. In light of that, Mayor Aliza Bloch released a statement saying that anybody buying apartments in RBS Hei should know in advance that the buildings and the neighborhood will be built according to the plans designing it for the general public - tall buildings, no sukka porches, less space for shuls and more for other community structures. Anybody buying there should know this in advance and not complain later.

And, Bloch continued, RBS D (Daled) is designed for the religious and Haredi communities and anybody buying there should take that fact into account.

Anybody, each person, can choose where they want to live, but everyone should take into account the plans for the designs of the various neighborhoods and decide where they want to live.

sources: Shemeshnet and Behadrei

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  1. I assume you are talking about RBS D and H.


    1. I was waiting for that! didn't know who would write it, but knew someone would! :-)

  2. good to know the plans in advance.
    There needs to be housing for all sectors.


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