Feb 17, 2019

United Airlines, almost, strikes again

UA removed someone from a flight, though it didn't come to actual blows this time.

I dont know what is going on, but the situation with behavior on airplanes, whether by passengers or the airline staff, has gotten very strange.

Another incident after which Jews were removed from a flight, accompanied by strange claims regarding their behavior. This time it was a United Airlines flight and an elderly couple, made up of a rosh yeshiva and his wife. Mrs  was told to put her carry-on bag in the overhead compartment. She asked for a couple of minutes to remove a few items she would need. Shortly after that the couple found themselves being removed form the flight. The attendant claimed she had been nasty when she responded to him. He threatened to have her removed form the flight and then left, with another attendant incredulously apologizing. The first attendant came back shortly after with the police in tow and that was the end of their flight.
sources: Hamodia and Baltimore Jewish Life

I guess they are lucky the United Airlines attendant did not just beat them up and physically drag them off the plane. We are seeing what seems to be an increase in such incidents. If we take the story as reported in Hamodia and BJE as fact, it very well could point to an increase in overt anti-semitism. That would not portend very well for what the Jewish community can look forward to in coming years.

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  1. Very strange that there seems to be an increase of such abysmal behavior to passengers and especially, of late, to 'orthodox Jews'; it might very well be anti-semitism or something is just blatantly wrong with the behavior of airline crew members. What right does an attendant have to treat a paying passenger with such disgraceful behavior? The attendant's job is to be at service to the passenger, not the other way around. Topsy turvy is an understatement. The airline needs to apologize to these mistreated passengers. Giving them a free flight the next time around would be the proper thing for the airline to do!


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