Feb 24, 2019

Litzman hammers on Lapid

UTJ has found their line that they will keep hammering. They just opened their campaign with an event in Bnei Braq. The main feature, unsurprisingly, is Lapid being anti-haredi, he was a failed Minister of Finance and UTJ will not sit in any government that includes Lapid.

That is fine. They need their demon to bring out the voters who might not vote or might consider voting for other parties but will react to fear by circling the wagons..that is part of election campaigns..

What I do not get is why Lapid has not [yet] reversed that and reciprocated by pointing to a nearly obsolete disease that has made a strong comeback under Deputy Health Minister Litzman's watch, with a resurgence of measles around Israel (over 3500 cases as of February 14, 2019), thus showing Litzman to be a failed [Deputy] Health Minister, along with other issues such as an increased shortage of beds in hospitals around the country, being under investigation for pressuring psychiatrists to give false reports, and whatever else he can come up with... They dont have to hammer this message, as Lapid's (and Gantz's) opponent/competition is Benjamin Netanyahu not Yaakov Litzman, but putting that message out there would not be so bad.

I am not a fan of Lapid, and no, I have never voted for him, but I do think Litzman should not be in the Health Ministry after such a serious issue with the measles outbreak and have written so in the past.. and if Lapid would say anything it might break the image Litzman thinks he has around the country as being a sweetheart and beloved to all (which for a while at the beginning of the term it seemed like he actually did have this image)

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