Nov 18, 2018

Yaakov Litzman should be removed from the Ministry of Health

Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman enjoyed a period of time in which he was considered the sweetheart of Israeli politics. The public, including the secular public, loved him and considered him to be doing a surprisingly great job as the person responsible for the health ministry in Israel.

That honeymoon with the Israeli public has finished a long time ago, but Litzman is still well respected among the general public. I too have generally liked Litzman for his work in the health ministry, but less so for his general politics...

With the announcement today of a decrease, for the second consecutive year, of people getting the flu shot, and with the outbreak and continued spread of measles, both under the watch of Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, it might be time to say Litzman has failed on a very serious front and does not deserve the post any longer in a future government. If the current government somehow does not decide later today to go to elections but cobbles an agreement together to hang tight with 61 MKs, I would say Litzman should be removed from his post now, but that is less realistic. Litzman might be good at some things, but he clearly is not doing a  good job at keeping the public safe and healthy right now.

These are very serious failures. A disease that has been almost eradicated from the Western world is now making a comeback in a big way. The flu shot which was almost consensus into its necessity and safety is now being rejected by an increasing number of people. There is something very wrong in the Heath Ministry that isn't dealing with these issues properly. The public's health and safety is too important to let this go on.

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