Nov 28, 2018

Shark-watching on Shabbos

According to Channel 10 News, The power station of Hadera has decided to open a visitors center so people can view the sharks that tend to hang out in the sea waters just off the power station. In recent years, the sharks have been hanging out there in the winter to enjoy the warmer waters from the power stations water runoff into the sea.

Sadly this visitors center will only be open on Saturdays. Sadly, because of: 1. Shabbos and 2. it means I cant go check them out.

Perhaps they are doing this because during the week the visitors center would be disruptive to the functioning of the power station and on Shabbos they have less work to do so they can deal with the visitors.. still, Jewish state and all.. where are the religious and Haredi MKs and leaders when we really need them to throw a protest and threaten the government? This is far more important than work on the train lines or stuff like that.

The sharks who run the power station will probably be charging an arm and a leg to view the sharks...hopefully the sharks in the water won't get any arms and legs...

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