Nov 25, 2018

Haredi parties to bring down the government?

The Haredi parties need, and want, the new Draft law for their constituents, but they cannot vote for it - they cannot vote for a law that will send some boys to the IDF. They do want other parties, even Yesh Atid if necessary, to vote for it, but they won't, or cannot, vote for it themselves. They were also expecting that after the first vote a few months ago, some changes to the law would be made and it could pass easily.

The Supreme Court deadline for a new law to be passed ends in just about 9 days, so it is now coming down to the wire. The imminent collapse of the government last week put it all at risk, and the Haredi reps breathed just a little easier when the government did not fall. Now, Defense Minister Netanyahu is saying he will not change the law at all. While Yesh Atid and Yisrael Beyteynu say they plan to vote for the law, as they did before and ensuring its passage, they say they will only do so if the law is not changed one iota from its current format.

The current proposal in the works is not quite good enough for at least some of the Haredi representatives so they are now threatening to pull out of the government if Netanyahu tries to pass the current law proposal, as it is..

So the irony is that the Haredi parties, no matter how much more the law is changed according to their requests, plan to vote against the proposal but will possibly pull out of the government and bring about early elections if it does not get passed by other people.

This is one of the strangest forms of shekker where they want a certain law or social norm but feel they cannot support it themselves because of how it will look. They cannot be seen to be supporting a  law that will send boys to the army, even though they really want it. They don't want anyone to look back at the books and see Haredi votes for such a law, even though they actually support the law.

sources: Israel Hayom and Actualic

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  1. Shekker is 100% correct. Yesh Atid should state they'll only vote for if the Charedim do too.

  2. Yesh Atid is now saying they will vote against if it comes to vote this week because of some secret deal he says Netanyahu made with the haredi parties to avoid the economic sanctions and funnel them monies even if they miss the targets. The coalition heads are now requesting form the SUpreme Court a 3 month extension.

  3. Looks like the Haredim may have been politically outmanoeuvred by their own hypocrisy. Below was my FB post on November 19th.

    Politics 101: If you are not in the opposition and want to topple the Government, make it someone else's fault.

    YB: Lieberman walks away as someone willing to stand up to Bibi even if it results in a temporary loss.

    BY: Taking the the DM job or toppling the Government were both political suicide. Bennet walks away with some egg on his face with nothing to show for his effors.

    Likud: Bibi has continued to demonstrate his skills in making sure other qualified candidates don't obtain the political clout to challenge him in the future. He has managed to deflect the political fall out from the decision not to respond to Hamas.

    Questions remain:
    How many more ministry titles does Bibi need to keep for himself to allow for Yesh Atid to join the coalition?

    Will the Government collapse on the draft law? The clock is ticking on passing the new law. If it does we can have an election all over again about Haredim instead of other important issues facing the country.


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