Nov 28, 2018

Aliza Bloch is moving fast, with an iron fist, on violations

Kol Hai News is reporting that the City of Bet Shemesh has order the removal of a school building caravabs really) that was illegally built on public property not zoned for a school and with no permission. It seems they have been given four days to be out. While they have the right to appeal, they still have to leave the premises and get rid of the building even while the appeal process is taking place.

I would note that residents in the area of this school have been complaining since day 1. They just came down one day and plopped caravans down blocking a walkway and just taking over. No notices, no permits, no nothing.

This has been how things get done around here. People just put shuls and schools down, in caravans, wherever they want. Then, when the city warns them to remove it, as has been done before on occasion, they scream about it being a shul, or a yeshiva, and the city has no right to remove it.

It looks like there is a new sheriff in town.

I am impressed with how fast Aliza Bloch is getting to work and making changes, implementing her policies, as the new mayor of Bet Shemesh. In the Kol Hai article they even quote an anonymous senior Haredi member of the local government as saying she clearly wants to show she is ruling with an iron fist and she is right for doing so, but things also should be discussed and she must communicate with all sectors.

I do hope that she will  help the kids and families find alternate solutions for schooling - either another location or other schools to be placed in - just as quickly as she ordered the building to be removed from the location.

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