Nov 20, 2018

Female employment - gevalt!

YWN and BS MehadrinNews are reporting on an employment conference/fair held for Haredi women in Bet Shemesh by the Link organization, founded by Chavi Ehrenfeld.

The conference was the target of protests. Haredi extremists heard about the conference and gathered outside the event in the Industrial Zone (by the Kinor David Wedding Hall) and cried their cries of shmad and how terrible this is.

Personally, I love the flat shrie of "gevalt" after each impassioned claim by the speaker. I always do.

As my friend Ben pointed out, this is actually a big change from the olden days when the protests would be held in Yiddish. Now they seem resigned to speaking, even in their traditional protests, in the modern language of Zionist Hebrew. I think they may consider the need to be understood more important than the tradition of talking only Yiddish and their rejection of the trappings of the modern State of Israel, though their mere presence alone should really be enough for that, so it is a good question as to why they are speaking Hebrew and not Yiddish.

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